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Assessment and consultation

Get comprehensive information on issues to do  with teeth.

Full  Orthodontic Assessment

On your first visit, the orthodontist will take a thorough look at the teeth and gums, check their health and recommend any treatment that might be necessary. If you are ready to start orthodontic treatment a treatment plan will be prepared, together with a mutually agreed payment plan that is comfortable for you to follow.

The assessment will take up to 45 minutes – and gives you plenty of time to discuss your options with the team

Treatment Consultation

We also provide confidential advice for any concerns you have about you or your family’s teeth – especially if you are worried about your young child’s teeth development. There is no obligation of course, and our promise to you is that we will not sell you or persuade you to take up any treatment that we don’t think is necessary.

We are also happy to provide a second opinion. Call our office for further details.