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Dr Wandia

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Dr Wandia Mwangi-Evans

BDS, FDSRCS, MOrth, Msc.

Kenya Orthodontics’ principle is Dr Wandia Mwangi-Evans, who has over 18 years of experience as a dental surgeon and specialist orthodontist. She has treated over 5,000 patients in the UK.

Dr Wandia is Kenyan and attended Bristol University for her undergraduate studies in general dentistry and spent the next few years working in the public health sector and private dental practice.

She was awarded her Primary and Secondary Fellowship by the Royal College of Surgeons, England in 1998. Dr Wandia then attended the University of Wales College of Medicine, where she received her specialist training, undertook her Masters degree in orthodontics and graduated with distinction.

She later presented her masters research paper at the British Orthodontic Conference and was awarded the Chapman Prize by the British Orthodontic Society in 2006. Her work has been published in The American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics.

After completing her specialist training Dr Wandia joined Q Dental Care Ltd., one of the three largest specialist orthodontic practices in the UK, and also taught orthodontics at the University of Bristol Dental School. She then decided to move back to Kenya in September 2011 to be closer to her family and to continue practising in her home country.

Dr Wandia is passionate about promoting her speciality within this market and has started the pioneering specialist orthodontic clinic in the country. She has also been a part-time lecturer at the University of Nairobi.

Dr Wandia has recently been elected to serve on the board of the  National Council of Children’s Services, Kenya. This is a “semi-autonomous government agency established to exercise general supervision and control over the planning, financing, and co-ordination of child rights and welfare activities and to advise the Government on all aspects thereof.”

Lucy Mwai


Lucy Mwai is a highly qualified, experienced dental hygienist who recently moved back home to Kenya after practising in the USA for many years.

Lucy specialises in oral examination (able to diagnose problems with the teeth, gums or oral mucosa), prevention (fluoride treatment and pit and fissure sealants) and cosmetic teeth whitening. She also educates her patients in oral health and awareness.  Lucy’s vast experience also means that she can treat gum disease by deep scaling and ‘root planing’.

We ensure that all our patients get access to Lucy prior to starting their treatment, so they are set along the right path with good oralhealth. After all, we not only want to give you straight teeth and a beautiful smile, but we feel that it is our duty to ensure the teeth and gums are healthy at the end of your treatment, which may take several months to complete!

Message from Lucy: Don’t give up to gum disease!

Lucy Mwai
Steve Evans

Steve Evans

Head of Business Operations

Steve is the husband of Dr Wandia and Head of Business Operations for Kenya Orthodontics. He was born in Wales (UK) and moved to Kenya in 2010.

Steve graduated from the London College of Music and spent the next 20 years running a music production business. After the music business, Steve created a software production company in the UK, consulting for companies such as Dell and Ford Motor Company.

In Kenya, his main work was with Paynet (PesaPoint), heading up their security program. He is the first and only person in Kenya to get a Kenyan financial institution compliant with the Payment Card Industry security standards (PCI DSS).

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We are looking for a qualified specialist orthodontist or a qualified orthodontic therapist to join our team. Due to medical regulations you must be legally allowed to work in Kenya. Ideally, you will be a Kenyan in the diaspora who would like to move back home and work. Please email us for further information.

Dr Wandia and her staff are professional and kind – could not ask for more! Thanks.

Rosslyn student and mom